Is Bethesda’s Marvel’s Blade coming to PS5?

Arkane Lyon / Bethesda
Arkane Lyon / Bethesda /

This week at The Game Awards, Bethesda Softworks and Marvel Games unveiled their new game based on the popular comic book series Blade. The reveal featured a cinematic trailer that helped set the tone for what looks like another promising comic book-inspired video game.

The announcement and subsequent press released featured just about everything you’d expect from a game that had just begun production. We got a brief synopsis, a short teaser trailer and some quotes from those in charge of the entire project. There was no release date provided, which makes sense as the game is still very early in development.

There was also no mention of platforms which is a bit odd. Even Rockstar Games, who just revealed GTA 6, confirmed that the game will be coming to Xbox and PlayStation consoles — and that game is two years away.

For Marvel’s Blade, there was nothing. A bit weird considering it’s a Bethesda game and Bethesda is owned by Xbox now. The lack of console branding has many speculating if Blade will also be coming to PS5, or if it is an Xbox exclusive.

Is Marvel’s Blade coming to PS5?

Simply put, we just don’t know yet. Neither Microsoft nor Bethesda have commented on the game’s platforms, which has many questioning why, exactly. And all we can do is speculate.

Given that this is a game being developed by Bethesda, we can almost guarantee it will be coming to Xbox upon release — and possibly even Xbox Game Pass since all first-party Xbox games are available to play through the service on launch day.

The big question is if it will also be coming to PlayStation 5. It’s unlikely that Disney, owners of Marvel, have put any platform stipulations on Bethesda. So if anyone is ultimately deciding the platforms, it is probably Microsoft.

So why wouldn’t Microsoft at least confirm Xbox as a platform, or flat-out say it’s an Xbox exclusive — especially these days when exclusives give your console an advantage?

Well, Microsoft is coming off a massive acquisition of Activision Blizzard in which they were heavily scrutinized for the possibility of turning some of the industry’s biggest franchises into Xbox exclusives. With so many eyes on Microsoft, it’s possible they are trying to avoid ruffling any feathers by announcing a new Marvel game exclusive for Xbox, even though PlayStation already has Marvel’s Spider-Man.