PS Plus: Free PS5 and PS4 games for December 2023

Lego Group, 2K
Lego Group, 2K /

This is normally right around the time when Sony drops the news of the newest games coming to their PlayStation Plus subscription for the next month. With only one month left to go in 2023, December will be the last opportunity this year to scoop up some new games for your PlayStation collection. While there aren’t a ton of new games headed to PlayStation Plus this December, the three games that are being offered will be the last three games to hit the service this year.

What new games are coming to PlayStation Plus this December?

  • Lego 2K Drive (PS5, PS4) – Available December 5
  • Powerwash Simulator (PS5, PS4) – Available December 5
  • Sable (PS5) – Available December 5

Lego 2K Drive

These three games are an interesting bunch for sure. First off you have Lego 2K Drive. This game puts you into the world of Legos. Build, race, and defeat all your Lego competition throughout Bricklandia. From racing against the AI in the story mode, to racing against a group of your friends, being put into a world of Legos is every kids dream.

Powerwash Simulator

If you want a game that is a little bit more on the satisfying side, you may want to download Powerwash Simulator. A lot of the Simulator games are very satisfying, but there is something about Powerwashing things and making them clean above the rest in terms of satisfying.

This game will put you in the shoes of a professional Powerwasher. It is your job to clean your way to big earning and use the money that you earn from jobs to upgrade your arsenal of Powerwashing tools. It is definitely different than your standard video game, but if you love any of the other Simulator genre video games, there is no reason you wouldn’t love this one as well.


The final addition to the PlayStation Plus service is Sable. Sable is actually the only game of the three listed that is only available for the PlayStation 5. Sable takes you on a journey where your job is to explore the world that Sable lives and try to discover who the character Sable actually is.

The graphics are a lot more on the artsy side of things which really helps add effect to the journey you embark on. If you like games that deep dive into exploration and have more of a deeper meaning in the story, Sable might be a game you want to add to your collection.

That officially rounds out the list of the new games that will be coming the PlayStation Plus this December. Three games that are completely different from one another. If there is one you want to try out, you can start playing all of them via PlayStation Plus starting December 5. If you want to try them all out, the best part is they can all be downloaded at no extra price from the PlayStation Plus subscription. If you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you may be considering adding some of these games to your collection before the end of the year.

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