Lego 2K Drive: Every collectible located in Turbo Acres

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Lego 2K Drive is the first Lego game designed by both 2K Games and Visual Concepts. This new game combines the blocky world of Legos and racing. While the main concept of this game is to see if you can capture the Sky Trophy with your impeccable racing skills, there are also collectibles that can found throughout the game. If you are someone who loves collecting collectibles in video games, then you will have plenty to find in Lego 2K Drive.

Every collectible in Turbo Acres

Turbo Acres is where your Lego 2K Drive adventure really kicks off. However, you might just want to take a break from all of the racing and focus on hunting down a few collectibles. There are a total of 11 collectibles that can be found in Turbo Acres, 10 Spotless Wrenches and 1 Weed. These collectibles are fairly easy to find and shouldn’t take too much of your time to find them all.

Spotless Wrench #1

Make your way to Clutch Tower. The Spotless Wrench is located besides the helicopter here.

Spotless Wrench #2

If you travel Southeast to the Hubcap Hill, you should see a field filled with mushrooms and a ramp. You are going to have to give your vehicle some gas and fly off this ramp to where the second Spotless Wrench will be right above the roof.

Spotless Wrench #3

Open the map and locate the figure 8 looking track on the map. This area is just West of where you found the second Spotless Wrench. Just East of the figure 8 track is a yellow, blue, and purple house. Next to the house is two green sheds. The third Spotless Wrench is above the green shed closest to the colorful house.

Spotless Wrench #4

Make your way to the upper portion of the figure 8 track. In this area North of the tip of the figure 8 track, you should see an arch of Brickbux leading off the edge of the map. Hurl your vehicle off the map and onto the roof down below. The Spotless Wrench is on this roof.

Spotless Wrench #5

Slightly Northwest of the figure 8 track, you should see a purple Challenge icon. You are going to want to travel East of that purple icon to where there is a giant orange sign on a building that says “Vital Rush Racing.” The collectible is sandwiched between this building and the one next to it in an ally.

Spotless Wrench #6

The next Spotless Wrench is located in the upper Northwest part of Turbo Acres. When you make your way into this area, there will be a giant sand ramp that takes you into the river down below. The sand ramp has Brickbux at the very edge along with the Spotless Wrench when you take the ramp into the water below.

Spotless Wrench #7

The seventh Spotless Wrench is located just Northeast of the center circle of the map. You will see an image of what appears to be a tan-colored “number 3” on the map. The Spotless Wrench is located up on a hill that is right around the second hump in the “number 3.”

Spotless Wrench #8

Very close to where you found the seventh Spotless Wrench is sandy path that leads to a wooden ramp. This is right where the “number 3” looking path on the map begins. Head to the top of the “number 3” and jump off the wooden ramp. The Spotless Wrench will be given to you when you jump off the ramp.

Spotless Wrench #9

There is a bridge that connects the center of Turbo Acres with the Garage/Store. If you drive your vehicle into the water, your car will now turn into a Lego boat. The collectible is right underneath this bridge connecting both pieces of land.

Spotless Wrench #10

To the Northwest of the circular road in the middle, there is a car wash. Take your vehicle through the car wash and you will find the tenth and final Spotless Wrench.

Weed #1

The final collectible on Turbo Acres is the lone Weed collectible. Directly to the right of the bridge that connects the mainland to the Garage/Store is a patch of Weeds. This patch of Weeds is the only Weed collectible on Turbo Acres.

Once you have found all 10 Spotless Wrenches and the lone Weed collectible, you have found all the collectibles on Turbo Acres. Now that all the collectibles have been found, you can continue trying to practice your racing skills so that you can ultimately capture the Sky Trophy.

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