Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: New glitch lets you free roam as Venom (again)

Insomniac Games
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Where there’s a will, there’s a way. It was only a matter of time until players would once again figure out a way to roam the streets freely as Venom in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and sure enough, someone has figured it out.

Reddit user UnderTheHood778 shared footage of their gameplay in which they are controlling Venom in the open-world city. Unlike the previous exploit that let you free roam as the symbiotic supervillain, which Insomniac Games has recently patched out, this latest exploit actually lets you use Venom’s abilities and powers to fight crime.

Unfortunately, getting this exploit to work is a bit trickier, and actually requires that you crash your game during a specific moment in the story. UnderTheHood778 explained that in order to trigger the exploit, you need to first switch your game to Fidelity Mode. Then, at a specific cutscene — toward the end of the campaign’s playable Venom segment — you need to unplug your PlayStation 5.

The Reddit user notes that it may take a few attempts, but you’ll know that it worked when you load your save and are met with the mission “Don’t be Scared.” It won’t have an objective, and you will load as Peter Parker. From there, go to an unidentified target mission and wait a little, until you change into Venom. Reload the game and you should be able to play as Venom at night, free to roam the streets and fight crime.

If it all sounds a bit confusing, iVoltex has actually uploaded a video demonstrating how to perform this exploit. You can watch it here, but you should be warned that performing this action and causing an intentional crash, especially by manually unplugging your PS5 while it’s turned on, could damage your console and possibly void your warranty.

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Still, the fact that users are jumping through so many hoops to figure out how to play as Venom just goes to show how much they want to be able to play as a villain. Hopefully, Insomniac is taking note for a potential spin-off or DLC.