Alan Wake 2: How to increase your inventory space

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Alan Wake 2 is the latest AAA survival horror game to hit the market. Alan Wake 2 takes place 13 years after the in-game events of the original Alan Wake. Throughout the game, you will play as two characters, Saga and Alan. Since there are two characters and a ton of game to explore, you are going to fill up each one of their inventories at a fairly quick rate. Luckily, when your inventory starts to get a little full, you can search for inventory upgrades that will expand your inventory.

Where to find all of Saga’s inventory upgrades in Alan Wake 2

If you are looking to upgrade Saga’s inventory, there are four inventory upgrades you can find throughout the game.

Upgrade #1 (Return 2: The Heart Chapter)

The first upgrade you are going to come across will be during Return 2: The Heart.  You will find it by first entering the Cauldron Lake General Store. When you get inside you will have to destroy the enemy that is in your way. Once you have taken care of him, you will need to head inside the room with the broken wooden wall. Inside this room is a shotgun that is locked away on the wall. Below the locked shotgun is a blue fan that is knocked over on the floor and a filing cabinet. On top of the filing cabinet is a first upgrade for Saga’s inventory.

Upgrade #2 (Return 2: The Heart Chapter)

Saga’s second inventory upgrade is also found during Return 2: The Heart. If you open up the map you will see a location that is called Cauldron Lake Shore. If you move your eyes Southeast from that location, you will see a section that has what appears to be a bunch of black “X’s” on the map. The bottom right of all the “X’s” is where you are going to want to travel to.

When you make it to this area, there will be a locked Cult Stash on the ground. Once you have successfully unlocked the Cult Stash, you will find the second inventory upgrade inside, along with a handful of other goodies.

Upgrade #3 (Return 5: Old Gods Chapter)

The third upgrade will be available during Return 5: Old Gods. However, you have to make sure that you have the Boltcutters unlocked first. Once you have the Boltcutters, make your way to Harbor Street and you will see a dock. It is the one with the locked fence and the “Fresh Seafood” building that is located behind the fence.

When you have located the locked fence, make your way up to the fence and use the Boltcutters to bypass the fence. Once you are through the fence, take and immediate right turn and head inside the little shed cabin looking building. There is another Cult Stash inside this building. To unlock this Cult Stash you will have to put in the code: 697. Once unlocked, you can grab Saga’s third inventory upgrade inside.

Upgrade #4

Saga’s final inventory upgrade is going to take quite a bit longer to unlock. That is because it is located on a table in the Watery Lighthouse. In order to gain access to the Watery Lighthouse, you are going to have to find all 22 Cult Stashes throughout the game. Once all 22 Cult Stashes have been found, you will receive the Watery Lighthouse Key and you can make your way inside. It doesn’t matter the order you open the Cult Stashes either. No matter what the order is, you will always receive the Watery Lighthouse Key in the final one that you open.

Once you have found all four of Saga’s inventory upgrades, you have maxed out the inventory space for Saga. You should now be able to hold plenty of items in your inventory and space shouldn’t be as much of a problem anymore.