NHL 24 HUT: How to get a free Gallery of Greats Legend FAST

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Hockey Ultimate Team is one of the most popular game modes in NHL 24. Every year Hockey Ultimate Team gets a massive number of players trying to create the ultimate team. It is up to each gamer to collect players and put together one of the greatest NHL teams in the game. To do that, you need to earn athletes. You can earn athletes via purchasing card packs, purchasing players at the Auction House, or even earning players via rewards.

The latest Event in NHL 24 is called Gallery of Greats. This new event celebrates some of the greatest NHL players of all time including Mario Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky. This HUT Event doesn’t just celebrate these players, but you can also acquire these players as well thanks to the new Gallery of Greats Objectives.

For the entire month of November, you will be able to try and complete the 8 Gallery of Great objectives that are offered. However, one of them is most important if you are trying to snag a Lemieux or Gretzky card for yourself free and fast.

If you make your way over to the Gallery of Greats Objectives, you will notice one that states, “Complete 25 Games.” Completing 25 games may seem like it will take a while to accomplish, but there is actually a way to complete this Objective in 5-10 minutes.

Get your chance to claim a free Lemieux or Gretzky card in NHL 24 HUT

The first thing you are going to want to do is to make your way to HUT Moments in Hockey Ultimate Team. There will be an option to choose the newly added Gallery of Greats Moments. Once you have chosen these Moments, scroll to the bottom and select, “Roy Shutouts the Panthers.” Before you officially start the moment when you are on the screen to select teams, you are going to want to make sure you clear your Position Lock so that you can use all of the players.

Once the HUT Moments begins, you are going to want to pull your goalie and either score on yourself or let the other team score against you. The HUT Moment starts off in triple overtime once the opposing team scores on you, the HUT Moment will end, and you will be able to retry the Moment over and over again as many times as you want.

Every time the opposing team scores on you and you fail the Moment, you will gain 1 Completed Game towards the Gallery of Greats Objective for Completing 25 Games. All you have to do to complete the Objective now is repeat this over and over again 25 times. It might seem like a lot of work, but it should take no longer than 15 minutes max to restart the Moment 25 times.

Once you are done, you can head back out of HUT Moments and make your way to the Store tab and select your unopened packs. Once you complete the objective of Completing 25 Games, your reward for completion is one Gallery of Greats Random Player (Week 1) Pack. Inside each pack is only one player, but you can get a Mario Lemieux or Wayne Gretzky card inside, along with a bunch of other NHL Legends.

That is all there is to it. While you aren’t guaranteed to get a Lemieux or Gretzky card, you are guaranteed to get some sort of NHL Legend. Plus, it only takes around 15 minutes or so to complete. Whereas it would take a few days if you played through full games to try and complete the Objective.

If you want the opportunity to try and get an elite Legend from the Gallery of Greats Random Player Pack, I would move fast. This Event only lasts through the end of November and who knows if EA Sports is going to patch this sooner rather than later.

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