Top 10 Powers in Super Mario Bros. Wonder Ranked

Super Mario Bros. Wonder artwork. Image courtesy of Nintendo
Super Mario Bros. Wonder artwork. Image courtesy of Nintendo /
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The new Super Mario Bros. Wonder game is an absolute marvel of a game. If you haven’t been able to tell from things like my early impression or even my final review, I love this game so much.

And one thing this game does to make me love it is the ridiculous amount of abilities Daisy and the gang (that’s right, I’ll consider Daisy the main character. Hail to the queen.) get access to during the course of the game.

“But Eric, the game only has the four powerups?”

I consider the badges to be powerups as well. I mean the Parachute Cap allows you to glide like a combination of the Tanooki Suit from 3 and the Cape from Super Mario World. It’s a powerup.

So this being said, here are my top 10 powerups from Super Mario Bros. Wonder ranked. I’d say let me know what you think in the comments, but I am correct and will take zero notes.

10) Drill

Yeah, that’s right. I don’t care that it puts the game in dope black outfits with red trim. These Spirit Halloween Tunneler from the Puppet Master movie lookin’ outfits aren’t enough to save them from the fact that this power sucks.

One of the first times you get the Drill power, one of the first enemies you encounter is a Thwomp. I bet if I asked everyone on the internet who all got the Drill power-up and then let the Thwomp hit them thinking that it was to show off that the drill makes your head invincible only to immediately lose it when you got hurt, the world would reek of armpit.

It’s just not a fun power-up. It’s just there to occasionally let you sneak into a crack. It’s like the mini-mushroom power from previous games. It’s an underwhelming bit of nonsense used to hide a small handful of secret areas.

09) Dolphin Kick

Please note that this is not the fighting move that Rain has in Mortal Kombat. Dolphin Kick is a badge that exists to make Mario move slightly faster in water. Not as easy to control as the Frog Suit in 3 and is not very visually pleasing. It feels like it could be more but it’s instead a slightly minor boost that helps with about two stages.

Personally, I was hoping the Dolphin Kick would have allowed me to quickly get to the surface of the water and shoot up in the air Ecco the Dolphin style but sadly it gives me about as much of a boost as I’d get if I farted while swimming.

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