Nintendo needs to stop disrespecting the queen and give Daisy her due

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Remember that whole thing over the last few years where people were like, “How come Nintendo ignores Waluigi when so many people love him?” Us Daisy Stans just sat back and watched cause we lived there.

Sure, Waluigi doesn’t get added to a lot, but Daisy? Daisy is such a better character. She’s strong, confident, outgoing, loud and opinionated when Peach and Rosalina are all demure and quiet. She’s cool as hell.

In the Dr. Mario manga that came out at the same time as the game — when Luigi was infected with a virus — Daisy didn’t sit back and call on Mario for help. She shrunk her ass down and blasted the viruses with a pill-filled bazooka.

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When a singular Wario, who was up to no good, started making trouble in her neighborhood, did Daisy ask for help? Who do you think she reached out to? Oh yeah… Wario’s fat face.

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Oh, and when Bowser stepped to her in the Nintendo 64 version of Mario Party looking to cause trouble? Daisy blasted him off like so much Team Rocket.

So why is it when Nintendo recently talked about their new Mario Strikers: Battle League they revealed that Princess Daisy, a mainstay in every Mario Sports game, isn’t in the damn game?

How dare they.

Daisy runs Sarasaland with no Mushroom Retainer army and still keeps her place safer while her plumber of choice is off being suckered into checking out yet another haunted hotel. She can single-handedly yeet Bowser into the stratosphere with the motion you’d open a car door with. And she can make any racer in Mario Kart tense up with her three-word scream of “Hi, I’m Daisy!”

Honestly, we know that this is more than likely going to be that thing where a company removes a fan favorite only to add them in later as DLC, but, Nintendo, if you’re reading this (and I’m sure you absolutely are not) don’t pull the thing every other franchise is doing.

I’m still feeling the pain of Street Fighter VI “announcing” that Sagat was coming to the game as a DLC character as if he hasn’t been a guarantee in the main roster for over 30 years. The newest King of Fighters just announced Geese Howard as a DLC character despite being added about 25 years ago. Seeing them pull this with Daisy is a tragedy.

Honestly, the girl is due her own game at this point. She gives off big main character energy and has just never gotten her time to shine. Hell, Princess Peach got her own game, and while it was fantastic, where’s Daisy’s turn? Come on Nintendo, get your [Sar]ass[aland] in gear.