Clash of Clans October update: Mega Sparky, Super Miner and more

Supercell /

The second sneak peek for the October 2023 update for Clash of Clans was unveiled today. Following the previous sneak peek, which revealed the new Goblin Mines Capital District, Supercell has now confirmed the arrival of a new Mega Troop, Mega Sparky, as well as a new Capital Troop, the Super Miner.

Before we get into the details, check out the highlight video below for a quick look.

Mega Sparky (Mega Troop)

Mega Sparky is the first new Mega Troop to come to Clash of Clans since the release of the Clan Capital last year. If you play Clash Royale, the Mega Sparky should be quite familiar. It’s a slow-moving unit that unleashes an incredibly powerful electric blast that deals mega damage to its target (and surrounding targets with splash damage). Like the Clash Royale version, each shot requires a slow charge, making it susceptible to defenses.

Mega Sparky is unlocked when you build the Mega Sparky Workshop in the Goblin Mines. As previously revealed, the Goblin Mines are unlocked at Capital Hall level 9.

Super Miner (Clan Capital Troop)

Another new troop that should be familiar with Clash Royale players, the Super Miner is an upgraded version of the Miner with the ability to tunnel beneath ground, allowing him to move undetected toward enemy defenses.

Once he pops up, he will be targeted, but the damage he deals against his chosen target will continuously increase until the target is destroyed or he is eliminated. When the Super Miner is destroyed, he will leave behind a bomb that deals explosive damage.

Endless Haste (Clan Capital Spell)

The third reveal of this sneak peek is Endless Haste, a Clan Capital spell that boosts the movement speed of any Capital Troops that enter its area of effect. The spell remains in effect for for four attacks.

Supercell confirmed that this is the last of the sneak peeks, which means the October update should arrive either on Monday or Tuesday of this week. Check back tomorrow for the dev update.

Overall, it’s a fairly small update, but it should bring some new excitement to the Clan Capital.