Clash of Clans October update: Goblin Mines revealed for Clan Capital

Supercell /

The October 2023 update for Clash of Clans is right around the corner and Supercell has started the sneak peeks this weekend. Yesterday, we got our first preview with Supercell revealing a brand new Capital District for the Clan Capital.

The Goblin Mines unlock at Capital Hall level 9 and will introduce three new buildings, one new Defense and a new Trap. There will also be multiple neutral buildings, decos and obstacles.

Goblin Thrower (Capital Defense)

The Goblin Thrower is an intriguing defense that comes pre-loaded with five barrels that, when launched, deal splash damage to their targeted ground troops. Inside each barrel are three Spear Goblins who will continue to defend your Capital, attacking both ground and air troops. If the Goblin Thrower is destroyed before launching all barrels, any remaining barrels will immediately unload the Spear Goblins who will fight until they are defeated.

Spear Trap (Capital Trap)

The Spear Trap (pictured below) is pretty straight forward, launching a barrage of spears at any enemy units that move within 10 tiles of its trigger radius. It will target both ground and air troops.

Goblin Builder Event

Coinciding with all of these exciting reveals is the Goblin Builder Event. Available during this event only, the Goblin Builder provides an extra set of hands to help with extra tasks around the Village.  Starting at Town hall level 7, if you have all five Builders, the Goblin can be hired for a few extra Gems to help construct and upgrade Buildings and Walls.

The Gem cost to hire the Goblin Builder depends on the construction time and resources are still required for construction. Season Pass boosts will help reduce the Gem cost and canceling an upgrade that the Goblin Builder is working on will refund 50% of the Resources; however, the Gems are not refundable.

Goblin Researcher

The Goblin Researcher works similarly to the Goblin Builder, but focuses on research. If you currently have something researching in the Laboratory, the Goblin Researcher allows you to perform one additional research (upgrade a Troops, Spell, or Siege Machine) in you rHome Village.

This is the first sneak peek of the 2023 October update for Clash of Clans. This update will primarily focus on the Clan Capital, with more sneak peeks to come.