EA Sports FC 24: When does Early Access begin?

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As of this time of writing, EA Sports FC 24 is just one week away. Leading up to the release, we have learned quite a lot about the game. We have learned who the top 24 athletes will be, we have learned when the first EA Sports FC 24 UT Champions Weekend will be, we have learned what consoles to expect the game to be released on, and we have even learned what the entire EA Sports FC 24 soundtrack will be. With even just a week until release, we are still learning new things. The latest information to be released is when we can expect the Early Access to take place.

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EA Sports FC 24 Early Access has already begun

If you are reading this, that means that Early Access has already begun for EA Sports FC 24. There are two ways that you can gain access to the Early Access gameplay. The first is by pre-ordering the EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition. One of the pre-order bonuses that you get is having up to seven days of Early Access. You don’t necessarily have to start playing the Early Access on day one of the Early Access period, but the option is there to have seven days of access available.

The only other way to gain Early Access to EA Sports FC 24 is by being an EA Play subscriber. If you didn’t order the Ultimate Edition and you have decided to gain Early Access by using your perks as an EA Play member, you are only going to get a 10-hour trial. Once the 10 hours is up, you can no longer play early, and you must wait until September 29 to play the full game.

Early Access begun in the United States and Mexico City, Mexico on September 21. All other countries began their Early Access on September 22. Meaning that anyone who can get Early Access should be able to get it now.

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