When is the First EA Sports FC 24 UT Champions Weekend?

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UPDATE: 9/27/2023 (9:57 a.m. ET): EA Sports announced through the EASFCDirect account that the first UT Champions weekend has been pushed to Oct. 6. The original story remains unedited below.

EA Sports FC 24 is releasing in early access on Sept. 22 for Ultimate Edition owners as players prepare for a new year of Ultimate Team in a new era.

FC 24 marks a new beginning for EA Sports after ending its partnership with FIFA. Ultimate Team will remain the same for the most part despite some exciting additions including Evolutions, women footballers and much more. UT Champions, formerly known as FUT Champions and the weekend league, remains the most competitive game mode available. Players will have Rivals to play throughout the week, but Champions is still where players will find the best rewards and arguably best competition outside of the Elite Division.

So, with early access starting soon, and full release just around the corner, when should fans expect the first FC 24 UT Champions weekend?

When is the First EA Sports FC 24 UT Champions Weekend?

According to the in-game menus, the first Champions Finals will be available on Friday, Sept. 29. Surprising considering the fact that players might forgo the early access period and wait until regular launch. Now, that could change with an update later on, but that’s what the in-game menus are stating.

How to Qualify for EA Sports FC 24 UT Champions

Players will qualify for UT Champions the same way as FIFA 23. Players must earn 1,250 Qualification Points through Rivals. Once earning enough Qualifying Points, players must net 20 points in the Play-Offs to get access to the Finals. The same system applies meaning players can save their qualification for a future weekend in season. Players earn four points for a win and one point for a loss. So, four wins is required to get in.

What Happened to Red Player Picks in FC 24 UT Champions?

EA Sports removed red player picks from the default set of UT Champions rewards. The change first arrived last year in FIFA 23 during the World Cup. EA Sports believes removing red player picks will reward players better in the long run and keep players interested in the game mode.