Lies of P: How to unlock Hermit’s Cave?

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There are many areas in Lies of P that you will explore. In fact, you will explore just about every area the game has to offer if you play through the entire story, except one area. The one area that you don’t touch during the main storyline is Hermit’s Cave. Hermit’s Cave is a secret area that you can unlock and explore if you want to. If you like secrets, you may want to explore this secret area.

Steps to unlock Hermit’s Cave

Hermit’s Cave can be found once you reach the Barren Swamp Bridge. To the right of the Stargazer, there is a gate that leads to Hermit’s Cave. This cave is unlocked and requires quite a few steps to gain access to this cave. You should also see an NPC near the gate as well. This NPC is named Rookie Explorer Hugo.

Walk over to Hugo and start a conversation with him. Hugo will tell you that if you talk to him often, he will open the gate. However, remember the game you are playing. The game is called “Lies of P.” The game is filled with its fair share of lies and Hugo is telling you a lie. You are going to have to do a lot more than just talk with Hugo to open the gate. However, talking with Hugo is teh first step necessary to unlocking Hermit’s Cave.

You are going to want to talk with Rookie Explorer Hugo until you exhaust his dialogue, and you obtain a Cryptic Vessel. Lies of P contains a total of six different Cryptic Vessels throughout the entire game and this is where you find one of them.

Once you have the Cryptic Vessel, you are going to want to take it to Venigni back at Hotel Krat. At this point, you are going to have to progress through the story as normal. When you get to the point of the story where you are at the top of the building with all of the swordsmen in Collpased Street, you can begin your next steps.

When you are on top of this building, you are going to want to look over the sides and look for a fire-spitting puppet. When you locate this puppet, drop down and head past him to the chest. Inside the chest is a Special Krat Supply Box.

Once you have the Special Krat Supply Box in hand, make your way back to Hotel Krat and give Polendina the Special Krat Supply Box. Once you do this, the shop will update, and you will be able to purchase a Rusty Cryptic Vessel. Purchase the Rusty Cryptic Vessel and hand it over to Venigni for decryption.

At this point, you have done everything you need to unlock Hermit’s Cave and you can begin exploring it. Head back to Rookie Explorer Hugo near the Barren Swamp Bridge and you should notice that the gate is now open.

As you can tell, opening the Hermit’s Cave gate is a lot harder than how Hugo made it seem. Once you explored Hermit’s Cave, you should have officially explored all area that Lies of P has to offer you.

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