Starfield: 7 helpful tips to know before you play

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Companion Romance

There is the ability to romance four characters in the game. Of these four characters, only one can be with you during missions at any given time. All of them, however, can be on your ship at the same time. The more you bring them with you, the closer you get to them. They will even interrupt you in the middle of a mission to say “Hey, can we talk when you have a minute?”. This will give you dialogue options you would not have otherwise.

Eventually, a “Flirt” prompt will pop up allowing you to shoot your proverbial shot in hopes to smash. Make sure you take every opportunity to speak to them, even without prompts, as it not only helps your “cause” but they also will give you random items to help you out.

There is so much to do in Starfield and hopefully these hints get you on the right path to start your journey. From Easter Eggs like the Empire State building, hundreds of quests, to traveling across the galaxy, Starfield will be keeping you busy and finding more, new things for months to come. What have you found so far? Let us know below.