Starfield: How to find Empire State Building, Egypt Pyramid and more

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Starfield would not be a Bethesda game if it were not full of classic landmarks and Easter eggs. From the Empire State Building to the pyramids of Egypt, here’s how to find them.

Empire State Building

The Starfield version of Earth is much different than ours, to say the least. After the collapse of the magnetic poles, not much is left in the Starfield universe. Earth is a barren, desolate place, but there are still many landmarks left to find. In order to do so, you’ll need to read books located throughout the game. Once they are in your inventory, head over to notes. Reading them will have an icon pop up on your map you can travel to.

You’ll need to find the book called Our Lost Heritage. I found it in the office of the UC President in New Atlantis, on the top floor of the building (of course). This will trigger the icon to pop up and enable you to land in New York. You can always travel there on your own by guessing the location on Earth pretty easily. Once there, you’ll see the top of the Empire State Building sticking out of the ground partially buried. Enjoy!

Egypt Pyramids

I found this book Ancient Civilization of Egypt on the mission for Sam Coe in Akila City. It pops up the icon on the map allowing you to explore the ancient pyramids,  albeit not at all the glamor they once were.

 Apollo moon lander

I found this after going on a book reading spree once I found the pyramids.  I read Sir Livingstone’s 2nd journal in the Lodge. It allows you to go to the moon, where you’ll find not only the Apollo moon lander but also the American Flag! I’m guessing Kubrick forgot to take it after they were finished filming (I kid, I kid).

Mars Rover

I didn’t find this with any book, but I’m sure there is a way to pop up the location.  I’m just not exactly sure how yet. There is the Mars rover located on Mars, which I found by sheer chance of running around. I believe it’s tied to a late-game story mission, but unfortunately, I am not there yet in the game.

Let us know which other landmarks you find as I’m sure there are more. How are you enjoying Starfield so far! Let us know below!