Starfield beginner’s tips: Best background and Traits

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There’s no “best” Trait

Like your Background, your character Traits are another customization feature. There are 17 total Traits to choose from, each providing a different twist on your gameplay experience. Some traits will impact your ability to explore, while others grant you better rewards from missions.

There is a downside to these traits, as each comes with some sort of trade-off. Alien DNA gives you increased health and oxygen, but lowers the the effectiveness of your healing. Kid Stuff lets you meet your parents, who reward you with free gifts, but you do send them 2% of your credits every week.

While there are plenty lists that try and steer you towards the “best” trait (including one that I, myself, have written), there is no right or wrong selection. Just pick the one that sounds most interesting for your playthrough. Or don’t pick any at all. You aren’t forced to.

Traits will influence how you experience Starfield but don’t have any major impact on the main story itself.