Starfield: Best Starting Traits for your first playthrough

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As a sci-fi RPG, Starfield gives you the ability to create your own character. Part of this creation process includes selecting up to three unique traits.

Traits are totally optional — you can choose not to pick any (or even remove them during the game) — but provide different perks, such as unique rewards, exclusive dialogue options, or increased stats.

The downside to traits is that each one usually comes with an adverse effect. For instance, if you select Alien DNA, you’ll start off your game with increased health and oxygen. However, healing and food items won’t be as effective.

There are a total of 17 traits you can choose from. But which should you choose?

Best Starting Traits in Starfield

If this is your first playthrough of Starfield, picking your traits can be a little bit overwhelming at first. But truth be told, there is no “best” trait. There’s no right or wrong way to approach Starfield. Heck, you don’t even need to pick any traits if you don’t want to.

The traits are simply there to help you define your character and perhaps influence how you experience the game’s story. That said, there are some perks associated with some traits that I feel are a bit stronger than others, or at least give you a bit more of an advantage early on.

Dream Home

Dream Home is a fun Trait to have, especially if you’re super into the whole roleplaying aspect. This trait gives you a house immediately at the expense of a 125,000 credit loan that must be paid back with weekly payments. This fully customizable house is massive — a two-story house with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living space.  The benefits of owning a home early on is it’s essentially a one-stop shop where you can store items, craft, acquire missions/bounties and display all your treasures. Although you can buy this home from the bartender at the Astral Lounge on the planet Neon, it will cost 235,000 credits, so Dream Home saves you quite a bit of money.