Ranking Starfield’s Faction Quests From Worst to Best

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1. Starfield Crimson Fleet Faction Questline

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An additional spoiler warning here because players should really experience this questline completely fresh.

The Crimson Fleet Faction Questline is by far the best available in Starfield. The quest begins by getting arrested by UC SysDef and to avoid jailtime, players are presented with the option to go undercover for Commander Ikande. Players also don’t need to commit a crime, it’s just the easiest way to go about it. Just make sure you don’t have any stolen items on you that you don’t want to lose.

There, a journey begins where players learn about Kryx’s Legacy. Players have to make a moral decision to join up with the pirate force or stay true to SysDef and bring down the Fleet. The questline allows players to truly decide how they want to play leading toward a major decision at the end. Though, the final set piece when searching for Kryx’s Legacy delivers. There’s also that feeling that each plot point throughout the questline matters.

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Bethesda / Max Mallow /

Pictured above is the Revenant Legendary Rifle that players will get during the search for Kryx’s Legacy. This weapon packs an insane punch, and it’s not the only Legendary weapon players will get. The Keelhauler revolver players also get comes with a nice Crimson Fleet design and insane damage. Both weapons make this questline worth completing alone and they’ll both prove useful for the UC Vanguard questline later.

Not to mention, the grand reward is 250,000 Credits which can truly jumpstart a player’s next adventure.