Starfield: What carries over into New Game Plus?

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Although Starfield just released in early access this week, there are likely some who have already rushed through the main story missions and found themselves at the end of the game. If you’ve beaten the main story mission, you now have two options.

You can walk away from the Unity (the big glowing orb) and continue your current adventure in the current universe.

Or you can walk toward the Unity and become reborn as a Starborn in an “alternate” universe. This effectively kicks off New Game Plus.

Starfield: What carries over into New Game Plus?

If you opt to start New Game Plus, there are a few key details you should know, including what carries over with you into this new universe.

When starting New Game Plus as a Starborn, you’ll retain the following:

  • All of your traits: As long as you didn’t remove any of the three traits during your playthrough, these will all carry over with you.
  • All of the skills you’ve unlocked: You’ll retain all of the skills you’ve already unlocked as well as their ranks. You won’t be able to respec but there’s no level cap so you can continue to acquire new skills in New Game Plus.
  • All of your Powers: You’ll keep all of the Powers you’ve unlocked from the temples and anomolies, with reports that temples now provide upgraded variants.
  • The Frontier: Your starting ship will respawn with you. However, you’ll also have access to your own Starborn ship (more on that later).

What items do you lose in New Game Plus?

  • All of your items: Any weapons, spacesuits, crafting materials and digipicks that you’ve acquired in your current universe will be erased. This includes the recent Starborn items you may have acquired from te Emissary or Hunter.
  • All of your ships: You’ll get to keep the Frontier and get a new Starborn ship, but anything else you’ve purchased will be gone.
  • Your outposts: Any outposts you built will be gone.
  • Your credits: All of your hard-earned credits go away.
  • Planetary data: Any planetary data you’ve discovered will be erased, meaning you’ll have to re-explore star systems once again.

What new items do you get in New Game Plus?

Although it’s tough to say goodbye to all of your items, credits, ships and everything you’ve worked so hard for, you do get something in return for starting New Game Plus.

You’ll get your very own Starborn ship which is already an upgrade from the Frontier that you get to keep. Plus it looks awesome.

You’ll also get a special Starborn Spacesuit. The Starborn Spacesuit fills the slots for your armor, helmet and jetpack so there’s no need to equip any of this equipment individually. If you do decide to equip an individual piece of armor or equipment, you’ll unequip the Starborn Spacesuit and will have to fill all equipment slots individually.

There are reports that completing New Game Plus multiple times will provide you with an upgraded Starborn Spacesuit. It’s unclear if the Starborn Spacesuit you get is randomized each time you respawn in New Game Plus or if it’s some sort of progression system that provides you with stronger gear each time.

When you start New Game Plus, you’ll skip the tutorial and go straight to The Lodge where you’l meet Constellation. From there, it’s up to you to decide what to do next. You can tell them the truth about who you are (skip the Main Quest) or act like it’s the first time you’ve met them (repeat the main quest).

Skipping the main quest lets you explore the galaxy however you want with no main missions other than recovering the Artifacts again. Vladimir will give you all of the Artifact locations right from the start as part of the “Among the Stars” mission. Vladimir will also sometimes provide you with temple locations through the “Power From Beyond” quests. You’ll also have the option to respond to certain conversation with Starborn dialogue options, which effectively reveal to the characters every bit of detail that’s about to unfold.