Starfield: Which Background (Class) is best for you?

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Are you an explorer?

If you’re keen on exploring the frontier of space, you may want to consider a background that provides skills that boost your exploration capabilities, including space flight and research.

Long Hauler is an amazing background if you like to explore and pick up anything and everything. You get two skills that improve your space travel — Piloting (you can use ship thrusters) and Ballistic Weapon Systems (improves ballistic weapons on your ship) — as well as Weight Lifting, which increases your carrying capacity. Weight Lifting is an amazing skill to have since you can quickly become overburdened with weight.


If you simply can’t decide, you may want to go with the [FILE NOT FOUND] background. This is probably the most well-rounded of backgrounds, as you get a bit of everything. You get Ballistics, Piloting and Wellness, giving you a solid set of skills early on that let you deal more damage, increase your health and travel in space faster.

Just roleplay

You’ll notice a lot of backgrounds have some overlap with the same skills. But at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what Background you choose. Just pick one that best fits the type of make believe background you want your character to have.

Since there’s no level cap, you’ll eventually be able to unlock every skill anyways. So don’t stress and pick one that sounds cool to you. I personally like Space Scoundrel since I like to think of myself as Han Solo. Plus the Persuasion skill is a lot of fun.

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