NHL 24 HUT: Crossplay takes a giant leap forward

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Each year, EA Sports tries to improve the NHL video game franchise by making improvements and adding new features. It is no secret that every year, World of CHEL and Hockey Ultimate Team are EA Sports two biggest game modes that the franchise has to offer. EA is constantly trying to figure out new ways to improve these two modes and make them more enjoyable to the NHL community. When it comes to NHL 24 Hockey Ultimate Team, there is one new feature that is going to make HUT a lot more interesting.

NHL 24 HUT takes Crossplay to a whole new level

We can confirm that Crossplay will indeed be making its way into NHL 24. This will allow players in the same console generation to play with one another. Crossplay is a feature that is coming to both World of CHEL and Hockey Ultimate Team.

The way Crossplay will work is that you must stay within your console generation. Xbox One users will only be able to Crossplay with PlayStation 4 gamers and Xbox Series X|S users will only be able to Crossplay with PlayStation 5 gamers. Xbox One users can’t Crossplay with PlayStation 5 players and vice versa.

Crossplay will be featured in all World of CHEL and Hockey Ultimate Team game modes at the launch of NHL 24 on October 6. However, there is one aspect of HUT that really takes Crossplay to the next level.

Before any of this Crossplay news was announced, we did a Wishlist of three features in NHL 24 HUT that we would love to see added this year. The number one request on the list was the addition of a Cross Platform Market and EA Sports delivered by adding this feature into Hockey Ultimate Team.

This is going to be huge for Hockey Ultimate Team and this is a giant leap forward for Crossplay and HUT as a whole. This will theoretically double the number of items in the HUT Market and make buying, selling, and trading more available to all players. You will have a larger catalog to purchase players and items from and you will have a larger audience to sell items, making sell times a lot quicker.

Obviously, the Cross Platform Market does still have to abide by the NHL 24 Crossplay rules. That means that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will share a HUT Marketplace, and Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 will share a HUT Marketplace.

This will also fix the frustration of not being able to find certain cards on the HUT Marketplace. Now this doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to find a card that has illuded you on the Marketplace, but this doubles your chances of finding a specific card you are looking for thanks to the larger HUT Market.

Sometimes you are looking for certain players or items to complete a set and you just can’t find that item in the Marketplace. This new Crossplay feature will hopefully get rid of some of that frustration and help gamers find items a bit easier now that the Marketplace has expanded.

There is still a ton of potential for EA Sports to expand on Crossplay for future NHL video games. Maybe eventually you will be able to Crossplay no matter what generation you are playing on. However, this Cross Platform HUT Market is a giant leap forward for Crossplay and we couldn’t be more excited to see this feature being added to NHL 24.

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