Twisted Metal post-credits scene: What it means for Season 2

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For those of you just finishing Twisted Metal, be sure to sit through the credits of the final episode. If you’re like me and thought it to be the end, you likely missed a pivotal scene that could have major implications for the as-of-yet-announced second season.

Twisted Metal post-credits scene explained

Before we get into the possibility of a second season, let’s first discuss the post-credits scene. If you haven’t yet watched it, let this be a warning that spoilers follow. If you’ve already seen the finale, SHNGRLA, and watched through the credits, let’s get into it!

The Season 1 finale of Twisted Metal was a wild one that finally saw many of the characters we’ve met along the way engage in a battle royale similar to that of the video games. Towards the end of the episode, Stu — who over the course of the season has traveled with Sweet Tooth — has the opportunity to prove himself to the deranged clown by shooting his friend, Mike. He ends up siding with Mike and shoots Sweet Tooth in the eye.

With Sweet Tooth injured from the shot, Stu and Mike make their escape and jump onto Stone’s car from the back of the truck. Shortly after, the two-run Sweet Tooth over, presumably striking the final blow. All that we see in the aftermath of the collision is Sweet Tooth’s clown mask and his best friend Harold, a brown paper bag.

Sweet Tooth returns in the post-credits scene

If you stopped watching during the credits, you likely missed a very important scene that confirms Sweet Tooth is not dead. The scene picks up with Stu and Mike sitting on a beach, roasting hot dogs alongside some female mannequins.

About 30 seconds into the scene, Sweet Tooth makes his grand return, sneaking up on his two former companions. After a bit of a maniacal laugh, Sweet Tooth raises his machete and, well, we don’t see exactly what happens but we do see a ton of blood spraying everywhere and hear Stu scream for Mike. We then see Sweet Tooth dragging Stu by his hair back into the woods. One arm is behind his back but he’s leaving a bloody trail, suggesting Sweet Tooth may have cut off a hand or something. As for Mike, well, the presumption is that he was killed — although it’s certainly not confirmed.

What does Twisted Metal’s post-credits scene mean for Season 2?

Well, before we get into speculation, it should be noted that as of this writing Peacock has not yet announced a second season. The show proved to be one of Peacock’s most successful originals though, so a second season seems inevitable.

The obvious takeaway here is that Sweet Tooth was not killed and figures to play another major role in the as-of-yet-announced Season 2.

But what about Mike and Stu?

We don’t know if Mike is alive. And Stu is obviously with Sweet Tooth.

Some believe that Mike wasn’t actually killed, but just dismembered a bit. There’s hope that Mike and Stu will both return in Season 2 and somehow reunite behind the wheel of Twisted Metal 2’s iconic monster truck, Hammerhead.

Those who played Twisted Metal 2 may remember that Mike and Stu were the names of the drivers of Hammerhead. We didn’t see them driving the massive monster truck in Season 1, but perhaps they will get the chance in a second season.

Again, Peacock has not announced if we’ll be getting a second season of Twisted Metal, but if we do, expect Sweet Tooth to return with some vengeance.