Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Teal Mask’s new NPC Perrin has deep ties to another character

The Pokemon Company / Nintendo
The Pokemon Company / Nintendo /

Recently, I talked about the upcoming photo mode coming to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet via the Teal Mask. This will be a series of Pokemon Snap-like missions that will be given to you via Pokemon’s newest character, Perrin. Which, before we begin, can we all just bow our heads and say: “Thank you Pokemon Company.”

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Perrin sends you on missions to photograph and research various Pokemon around the region as she goes on the prowl for a mysterious, as of yet unknown Pokemon. But if you look closely…you’ll notice she has a major connection to another character in the Pokemon universe.

And no, I’m not talking about Todd Snap from the Pokemon Snap games either. Check her hair. Chest her clothing scheme. Check the uneven amount of arm accessories. She look like anyone? That’s right…THIS strapping young lad.

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Like…the eyes, the color scheme, the weird hair line that almost looks like claw marks, the nose, the mouth, the ability to make me question weird things about myself. It’s all there. That’s right, I’m calling it right now, Perrin is 100% the ancestor of Pokemon Legends Arceus’ Diamond Clan leader, Adaman.

Here, behold my evidence and collage making skillz.

Screenshot-2023-08-15-at-12-35-44-PM /

I don’t know if she’s actually taller than him but, listen…LISTEN. Let me believe.

But yeah, I’m 100% convinced she’s related. I’m not sure what this means but if anything, but hopefully that also means that when the rumored Pokemon Legends game that takes place in the future comes out we’ll get a third member of this timeline which will totally make up for a lack of flying cars.

I’m still trying to figure out what other characters have tied but this is the most obvious connection I’ve seen with a Scarlet and Violet character and someone from Pokemon Legends Arceus in my life. Mew be damned, I’m fairly certain this is the most superior genetic code in the Pokemon Universe.