Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s DLC will add Pokemon Snap-type mini-game

Nintendo /

The recent Pokemon Direct showcased a slew of new things for all the various Pokemon games — from Pokemon Sleep to Pokemon Unite, from Pokemon Masters EX to Pokemon Cafe REmix. And of course, the one people were waiting for: updates to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (I mean, I was personally waiting for the Pokemon Legends Kyurem reveal, but still).

While talking about the upcoming Indigo Disk and Teal Mask DLCs, they mentioned many new things and showcased many new Pokemon. Pokemon that are getting new evolutions or regional forms. Legendary Pokemon with very silly names to say out loud. These three here for example.

Pokemon-Photo-DLC-Toxic-Chain /

Their names, from left to right, are Munkidori, Okidogi, and Fezandipiti. Thank you, I hate it.

In addition to showcasing new Pokemon, places, and characters they introduced a new event I’m completely looking forward to. Photography.

Yeah yeah, I know photography technically already exists in the game, but this is BETTER photography.

In fact after talking to the newest character, Perrin (shown below) you…

Pokemon-Photo-DLC-Perrin /

…you…um. You…holy geez I can’t focus. *clears throat*

OKAY. So, after encountering this person who is clearly a descendant of Pokemon Legends Arceus’ Adaman, she grants you several gifts beyond merely the fact she exists. *cough* sorry.

Firstly, you get the Roto-stick which is basically a self stick that allows you to take way better selfies than before, allowing you to get more in frame.

You can also share photos with others that you’re playing with via the Unity Circle feature so if you and your friends are running around the world and you happen to get a funny picture of them, you can actually give them a copy which is fantastic and also leads to some amazing photo opportunities.

My personal favorite of these new features though is something Pokemon Legends Arceus dabbled with and that’s the ability to position and place your Pokemon.

Pokemon-Photo-DLC-Positioning /

This is a massive improvement the previous method of just opening a picnic and hoping you can get all six (or seven) of your Pokemon in frame. I love it.

One of the biggest bonuses comes as a mission from Parrin as she…

Pokemon-Photo-DLC-Perrin-closeup /

*AHEM* …cough…as she lets you know about her mission to photograph a particular Pokemon. In the meantime she tests your character by sending you out to get pictures of certain Pokemon like so much Peter Parker. And if Peter Parker pic’d a Poke, which Poke would Peter Parker pick? (I’m so sorry).

In something that looks like the kind of photograph sessions available in the later 3DS games, you’ll have to watch your subject and snap a shot at the right time to get the best picture possible. HOPEFULLY you’ll be able to do this with all Pokemon as, honestly, I loved doing that in Legends Arceus and I want that feature back.

Anyways, we’ll all find out more when the DLC drops next month. In the meantime, I’m going to go for a walk and not think about Perrin anymore.