EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolutions, Details, Upgrades, FAQs

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EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolution is one of the biggest upgrades (no pun intended) this year. Fans have wanted the ability to upgrade cards throughout a game cycle creating club heroes. As well, Road to Glory players will have another path to the free-to-play experience. Spending money on Ultimate Team can be a sink and the new Evolutions system circumvents that.

Here’s everything you need to know about EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolutions, per EA Sports’ Pitch Notes.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolutions Explained

“You can upgrade and evolve your players by committing them to an Evolution slot and completing gameplay challenges with that player. Once you complete the challenges, that player will have permanent upgrades.”

Which EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Items Are Evolutions Eligible?

“Not every player is eligible for every Evolution. You’ll have to check the requirements to know what players you’re allowed to use. An example of this might be ‘Evolve any Silver Player’, or ‘Evolve a left back with 3* skill moves’. A selection of Evolutions will be freely available for players to enter each season, and some will have coins or coins/points requirements. Just like the balance of upgrades coming through SBCs, Objectives, and the Transfer Market, we want to make sure Evolutions upgrade paths are balanced across Ultimate Team.”

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolutions Challenges

“Each Evolution comes with a set of levels of challenges for you to complete. They can range from simple, ‘Play 5 Games where you score with this player in your starting XI’ to challenging ‘Win 10 Ultimate Team Champs matches with this player’. Complete all of the challenges in a level to earn the upgrades, and unlock more levels of challenges to complete.”

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolutions Upgrades

“You can claim upgrades for your player after each level of challenge you complete. They will range from Overall Stat upgrades, (ex. +5 OVR) or hyper-specific attribute upgrades (ex. +5 Curve). You can even customize and upgrade the following:

  • Skill Moves
  • Work Rates
  • PlayStyles
  • Alternative Positions
  • Weak Foot

Players can also even add visual and animated upgrades for their favorite players. EA Sports hopes to keep Evolutions fresh throughout the year and there will be more ways for players to evolve their squads. That means some Evolutions might be available for a limited time.

Are EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolutions Tradeable on the Transfer Market?

No, once a player is evolved that player becomes untradeable. It will remain a unique item.

How Many EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolutions Can I do at a Time?

There are no squad restrictions on Evolution players, but players can only upgrade one at a time. Progress is saved regardless of where you are with an Evolution so there’s no issue swapping between multiple Evolution paths. As well, Evolution players once fully upgraded can be submitted in SBCs. Though, in-progress players cannot be.