How to Get Mew and Mewtwo in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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The official Pokemon YouTube Channel hosted a Pokemon Presents livestream on August 8 and there was a lot of information gained out of the presentation. One of the biggest reveals was that Mew and Mewtwo would be coming to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and that gamers would be able to add them to their squad.

Mew and Mewtwo are iconic Pokemon in the Pokemon franchise. Fans are often fascinated by these two Pokemon based on the lore that surrounds them. Both of these Pokemon are extremely powerful for many different reasons and because of that, many love to have them in their Pokemon collection.

How to get Mew and Mewtwo in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players are going to have the chance to get their hands on the legendary Mew and Mewtwo. Starting as soon as today, you can add Mew to your collection. All you have to do is head on over to the Mystery Gift Menu in the game and enter the code: GETY0URMEW. By entering this code, Mew will become a part of your team. This code won’t be available forever as it will expire on September 18. Get Mew now before he is gone for good!

Mewtwo on the other hand is a little bit of a different story and not as straightforward. Mewtwo won’t be coming to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet until September 1 as part of a Tera Raid Battle Event. The Tera Raid Battle Event will last from September 1 through September 17. If you complete this battle successfully, you will be able to capture Mewtwo with the Mightiest Mark. The Mightiest Mark is just something that is referred to Pokemon defeated in 7-Star Raids.

The Pokemon presentation continued to go on to state that if you complete the Mewtwo Tera Raid Battle Event with Mew by your side, something special will happen. I am sure that this statement will make most players want to complete the battle with Mew by their side now.

Two iconic and legendary Pokemon will soon be available in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. One is available now and one will be available in the beginning of September. Thankfully, you can have the best of both worlds and have not just one of these, but both of them. Input the code now to get Mew and get ready to do battle against Mewtwo on September 1.

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