Is Madden 24 Cross Platform?

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With just over a week until release day, fans want to know if there is Madden 24 cross platform play in EA Sports’ latest title.

Madden 24 is set to bring fans both new and old features that should give the popular game a boost in its newest iteration. Not only is the beloved Superstar mode making a return, but training camp is also coming to Franchise mode. Plus, the upgraded FieldSENSE technology will bring increased control and the highest level of realism the game has ever seen.

Some of the best Madden 24 game modes are meant to be shared with friends. As you look to go head-to-head or play a 3v3 game in Superstar: Showdown, can you play with other gamers on different platforms?

Is Madden 24 Cross Platform?

Yes, Madden 24 does support cross platform play. Players on different platforms will be able to play with (or against) each other in the game come Aug. 18. Gamers on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation will see how they fare in certain online multiplayer modes against competition from all over the world.

Madden 24 Cross Platform Consoles

Madden 24 cross platform will be available on the following consoles:

  • PS5
  • Xbox Series X|S

PS4 and Xbox One will not support cross platform play on Madden 24. Players on PS4 and Xbox One will also be forced to play The Yard and Face of the Franchise as the newest Superstar mode will only be available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Madden 24 Cross Platform Modes

The following Madden 24 modes will support cross platform play:

  • Head-to-Head
  • Madden Ultimate Team
  • Superstar KO
  • Superstar: Showdown

Do I Need EA Play for Cross Platform Play?

No, you do not need EA Play for cross platform play. You can find all your friends, regardless if they have an EA Play membership, in the Madden 24 EA Social interface. The Player Search tab requires you to know your friend’s EA Identification number, their Xbox Series X|S gamertag, or PSN ID.

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