Remnant 2: How to unlock the secret Chicago Typewriter

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The Chicago Typewriter is Remnant 2’s take on a Tommy Gun. The Chicago Typewriter does great in short to mid-range combat. This gun may not be the most accurate, but it definitely is a classic for those who are fans.

If you are looking to get your hands on this Long Gun, you are going to need to progress through the main story until you have reached The Labyrinth and met with The Keeper for the very first time. By reaching this point in the story, you will be given the Biome Portal Key. This Key is crucial in acquiring the Chicago Typewriter.

The best starting point to start out on your journey to get the Chicago Typewriter is to begin at the Fractured Ingress Checkpoint. From there, head up the stairs to the right of the giant portal and at the top of the stairs make a complete 180-degree turn and take the path behind you. Keep following this path as it will take you across some spawning rock bridges. Keep on taking this path until you see the purple portal off in the distance. Make your way to this portal, but DO NOT JUMP THROUGH IT. Instead, travel behind the portal and jump off of the ledge into the purple portal that is down below. This will lead you to another area with yet another purple portal that is impossible to get to without taking this specific route. Head through this second portal.

Once you are through the second portal, turn left and head through the narrow doorway. Make another left once you are through the narrow doorway, and you should see a glowing cube. Shoot the glowing cube as it will help you later on with the Remnant 2 final boss. However, it is not necessary in acquiring the Chicago typewriter.

To the left of the glowing cube you just shot, you are going to have to scale the wall to the top and crouch to get throw a narrow corridor. You will then need to continue parkouring your way on the side of the wall, above the purple portal and through another narrow corridor, where you will eventually be led to a shinning gold glowing Biome Portal. Use the Biome Portal Key on this Portal and you will be sent to the inside of cargo ship near Ward 13. In this area you will be able to find the Chicago Typewriter and the Leto Mark II Armor.

As long as you made it to The Labyrinth in the story and have the Biome Portal Key unlocked, this won’t be too difficult to acquire. However, you will now have a cool Tommy Gun style weapon to add to your Remnant 2 collection.

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