Remnant 2: What is the max trait point cap?

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As an action role-playing game, Remnant 2 gives you the ability to customize your character’s skills to fit your playstyle. In addition to weapons and mods, traits offer you a way to further increase your character’s power.

As you play through the game, defeating bosses, completing puzzles and quests, and discovering Tomes of Knowledge, you’ll acquire Trait points that can be spent to purchase unique stat bonuses and buffs.

You’ll notice when you first start your game, you have four core Traits (Vigor, Endurance, Spirit and Expertise). You’ll also have a specific Archetype Traits that are unique to the Archetype (class) that you select. And then there are secret traits that can be unlocked by defeating bosses and completing world events.

With so many traits to choose from, you may be wondering if it’s possible to unlock them all.

What is the trait point cap in Remnant 2?

Unfortunately, you’ll have to be selective with which traits you invest in. While you can respec to change your build, you’ll never be able to max out every trait in the game for your character. That’s because Remnant 2 only allows you to collect a maximum of 60 Trait Points. After hitting that cap, Tomes of Knowledge or bosses will no longer reward you with Trait points.

The good news is your Archetype Trait and Core Trait Points do not count against that 60 point max. This means you can max each of these Traits and still spend the 60 on others.

An easy way to see how many Trait points you’ve used toward your cap is to look at each Trait card. If the card has an orange dot, it doesn’t count against your total. If the dot is white, it is counting against your 60 point max.

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You also do not need to spend Trait points on your Archetype Trait as this will level up automatically.  And, again, these will not count against your cap. Once your Archetype Trait reaches level 10, it will become available to use even when you don’t have that specific Archetype selected; however, you’ll have to spend Trait Points to level it up. If you re-equip that Archetype, the points are refunded.