Disney Speedstorm: What to expect from Season 3

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If you are a fan of Mario Kart and Disney, there is a good chance that you will like Disney Speedstorm. Disney Speedstorm is a racing video game that has Mario Kart vibes but with Disney characters instead. Season 3 is about to launch on August 1 and there are tons of new additions coming along with the new season.

What to expect from Season 3 of Disney Speedstorm

Season 3 is hopefully going to be the best season to date. As confirmed by a little teaser trailer, Minnie Mouse is suiting up to join the race! Minnie Mouse will be a Brawler Class-racer which means she will be ready to attack other racers on the track.

Minnie Mouse isn’t the only other new addition coming in with Season 3. The season will be themed around Lilo & Stitch. Since there will be a Lilo & Stitch theme this Season, Gameloft will be adding Stitch, Angel, Lilo, Jumba and Captain Gantu as part of new raceable characters. To go along with all of these new racers, there will also be a Lilo & Stitch-themed Season Tour, a matching environment, and tons of customization items.

If you want to take part in Disney Speedstorm Season 3, you are going to have to wait till August 1. However, you can still get in on the action right now by taking part in what is left of Season 2.

Disney Speedstorm first launched in April 2023 as part of “Early Access.” The game is technically still in Early Access, but Gameloft announced that the game plans to have a full release on September 28. On September 28, 2023, not only will Disney Speedstorm be ending the Early Access period, but the game will officially become Free to Play as part of the game’s full release.

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With all that being said, Season 3 has much more to offer than just a few more additions to the game. Season 3 is going to transition the game into a full-on release as well.