Remnant 2 gets a surprising reveal at The Game Awards 2022

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Of all the announcements and reveals at The Game Awards this week, perhaps the most surprising was for Remnant 2. It is a direct follow-up to the 2019 Remnant: From the Ashes, which became a surprising success with over 3 million units sold by the end of 2021.

Gunfire Games revealed that Remnant 2 will be following what made the first game so successful, while also adding some key features. The procedurally generated maps and enemy locations will be returning. They stated that

"“Remnant 2 evolves the co-op survival shooter with new unseen worlds filled with deadly surprises and encounters. Join the battle to save humanity in a dynamically generated world filled with branching quest lines, unique loot, and overwhelming odds that encourage exploration and replayability either alone or in three-person co-op”"

That last line is an interesting new feature. Remnant 2 will have three-person co-op, an increase up from the two-person for the first game. Strategy was and looks to remain a key feature in Remnant. Playing in co-op emphasizes teamwork as the bosses are tougher with higher HP and different attack patterns than playing solo. Lone wolf players would not only quickly find an early demise, but also leave their teammate behind at a disadvantage with an already tougher boss.

A wide variety of locations along with gory and exciting boss fights were shown in the reveal trailer. Players will be able to choose their class, locate new loot and upgrade their gear along their travels. In addition to the gameplay, we also saw some cinematic cutscenes in the trailer. These were used sparingly in the first game, so we may be getting a more immersive experience with the game’s story.

While Perfect World did not return as a publisher, Gearbox has. David Adams, CEO and founder of Gunfire Games, commented on their relationship with the studio:

"“We are excited to delve back into the world of Remnant with the team at Gearbox Publishing. There are so many interesting stories to tell, vicious enemies to vanquish, exciting loot to grab, Archetypes to experiment with, and heart-pumping action for players to experience with their friends. We can’t wait for everyone to play it next year.”"

Remnant 2 promises to have an upgraded and more well-rounded combat system that allows co-op players to link their abilities together for more devastating attacks. In addition, each new play through will feature a new procedurally generated world, different enemy locations and story variations.

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Fans of the first game along with those of the souls-like genre will be able to get their hands on Remnant 2 next year, as it will release on current generations consoles only along with PC in 2023.