All Leaked MW3 Weapons so Far

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After an abundance of rumors, the full list of leaked MW3 weapons is here for players who want a sneak peek at the next Call of Duty title.

Call of Duty 2023 is rumored to be Modern Warfare 3, developed by Sledgehammer Games. Thanks to leaks from BobNetworkUK, we know there is a high possibility that the game contains the classic minimap, including red dots, the Ninja Perk, and War Mode.

Although Activision has yet to confirm any of the game’s features, they did seem to hint that all Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Operators, weapons, and Bundles will carry over to Modern Warfare 3.

MW3 is set to have a wide range of weapons, and YouTuber, TheXclusiveAce, compiled the 20 leaked weapons so far.

All Leaked MW3 Weapons so Far

The following are the leaked MW3 weapons rumored to be featured in Call of Duty 2023:

Assault Rifles

  • AK-556 (AK-102)
  • CDG-58
  • Anvil-B
  • MCW (ACR)
  • Holger (G36C)
  • MTZ-556 (CZ Bren 2)

Submachine Guns

  • Rival-9 (Skorpion Evo)
  • Striker 45 (LWRC SMG 45)
  • Lach-9 (LWRC SMG 9)
  • WSP-9 (Uzi)
  • SAR-9 (SAR 109T)

Battle Rifles

  • MTZ-762 (CZ Bren 2)
  • BAS B (SIG MCX Spear)
  • Sidewinder (ACR 6.8)
  • TAQ-V (SCAR-H)


  • KVB-73
  • KVS Terminus (RSASS)
  • AMR-50
  • Unnamed, based on Remington MSR


  • Raffica (Beretta 93R)

Players will have to wait for any confirmations from Activision until the MW3 Reveal Event in Warzone Season 5.