Why Are Your Fortnite Lobbies so Sweaty?

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As you spend more time exploring Fortnite WILDS, your Fortnite lobbies are destined to become so sweaty that casual gameplay is impossible.

Fortnite’s six-year anniversary is coming up, and the game is more innovative than ever. Fortnite Creative 2.0 is almost as popular as the Battle Royale, giving players the chance to design, build, and play UEFN maps, and Zero Build brought new and old players to Epic Games’ title.

With more and more players back on Fortnite, you might have noticed your lobbies are no longer full of bots, or even semi-good players. Most Fortnite lobbies are now so sweaty that securing a Victory Royale has never been harder.

Why Are Your Fortnite Lobbies so Sweaty?

The main reason why your Fortnite lobbies are so sweaty is due to skill-based matchmaking. Although Epic Games is not as forthcoming with their SBMM policies as Respawn Entertainment or Activision, they still utilize the inconsistent method to create lobbies across all game modes. In theory, you should be placed with other players who share your skill level, but SBMM can also put you in lobbies that are so competitive you want to switch to Fortnite Creative 2.0.

Fortnite Ranked lobbies are also super sweaty, especially if you reach Diamond and beyond. You can essentially rank up after a few good games and find yourself in lobbies you have no business being in. Although the SBMM in pubs might be a little off, you have a better chance playing traditional Battle Royale than Ranked mode.

Plus, like most video games, if you find yourself playing during a popular time of day, lobbies will automatically be more difficult as player count rises. Early morning matches are the best time to avoid a sweaty lobby, and if you really want an easy game, switch your matchmaking region to another region to play against enemies who barely shoot back (for the first few games, anyway).

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