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If you are wondering why you haven’t seen any news or advertisement about FIFA 24, that is because FIFA video games don’t exist anymore. EA Sports decided to end their partnership with FIFA, and starting this year, new games will be branded as EA Sports FC.

With all that being said, EA Sports FC 24 is the next soccer game to be released. There has not been a lot of information regarding this video game, but due to some leaked sources, we have a little bit more news about the upcoming game.

Who is on the cover of EA Sports FC 24 and when does EA Sports FC 24 come out?

Like I said, there is not a ton of news revealed about EA Sports FC 24. If you head on over to the official website of the video game, the front page tells you that you will “learn more this July.” Well, July is here and still very young, but we haven’t gotten any confirmation on key news regarding the game.

Finding out the Cover Athlete for any video game is special. In fact, we just learned who was going to be the on two covers for NBA 2K24. When it comes to EA Sports FC 24, we don’t know a release date or a Cover Athlete.

A dataminer that goes by the name billbil-kun did some digging and came up with some great details surrounding EA Sports FC 24. Kylian Mbappe had a three-year streak of being the Cover Athlete for FIFA video games spanning from FIFA 21 through FIFA 23. Since FIFA 24 won’t be a thing, it appears Mbappe’s streak is coming to an end.

The dataminer billbil-kun discovered files that suggests EA Sports FC 24 will be coming out on September 29 and the Cover Athlete will Manchester City’s star Erling Haaland. This news is regarding the Standard Edition for the game.

The dataminer also came to the conclusion that Erling Haaland will also appear on the Ultimate Edition of the video game, along with 30 other great male and female soccer athlete. In total that would make a whopping 31 Cover Athletes for the Ultimate Edition of EA Sports FC 24.

When it comes to video game leaks, you always got to be careful from where you hear them. Not all of what you hear turns out to be true, especially when they are leaks and not coming from the developers themselves. However, billbil-kun is one of the most trusted leakers when it comes to video game leaks and there is nothing crazy about the claims being made.

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Since we are expecting to “learn more this July,” we should be getting confirmation on more features regarding the game within the next couple of weeks. Who knows, maybe even sooner than that. After all, if September 29 is the actual release date, that date is coming up fast and will be here before you know it.