AEW: Fight Forever: What is Stadium Stampede Battle Royale?

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If you are a wrestling fan, you know that AEW and WWE are rivals trying to become the best wrestling business out there. The same can be said about the video game world as well. With the release of WWE 2K23, AEW decided that they were going to release their first ever video game called AEW: Fight Forever.

AEW: Fight Forever is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Almost anywhere you like to play your video games, you can get a copy of AEW’s newest game. If you have already picked up the game and started playing, you may have noticed that there is a fairly decent amount of content. There are over 50 playable wrestlers, a story mode, and a handful of match types that you can choose from. However, it appears that there is going to be a new match type added to the game in short order.

What is Stadium Stampede in AEW: Fight Forever?

All Elite Wrestling put out a 30-second teaser trailer on their YouTube to give gamers a glimpse at Stadium Stampede Battle Royale. If you are familiar with WWE’s Royal Rumble, Stadium Stampede is the Royal Rumble with ten times the craziness. In fact, Stadium Stampede appears to be a mix of the Royal Rumble, Fortnite, and other various Battle Royal traits. This is AEW: Fight Forever’s way of trying to add a Battle Royale mode to a wrestling video game.

Based on the 30-second teaser, you will get to select your wrestler and you will be thrown onto a football stadium where you must become the last wrestler standing. You will also get to travel off of the field and venture into the seating area, concessions area, and the backstage area.

A circle can also be shown, one similarly looking to your standard Battle Royale video game. As the circle shrinks, you have to move into the smaller area and try and be the last wrestler standing. There are bazooka’s, you have a health and armor bar, and there are tons of other weapons to help KO your opponents. It doesn’t appear like you will be trying to pin or submit your opponents in this game mode.

There is no official release date for when Stadium Stampede will hit AEW: Fight Forever, but it does say that the game mode will be available soon. It will also be a free download, making this add-on available for everyone to try out.

Stadium Stampede is either going to be a complete hit or a complete bust. It doesn’t appear there is a middle ground here. The reviews for AEW: Fight Forever were mediocre, so maybe this is a way to try and improve the game and get more people playing.

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From first glance, I have a gut feeling like Stadium Stampede is going to be a bust. Just from the 30-second teaser trailer alone, it looked cheesy and very clunky. Battle Royale modes aren’t always the easiest to put together, especially when it comes in a wrestling video game.