Destiny 2: Hidden Chest locations in Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon

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Destiny 2’s latest dungeon, Ghosts of the Deep, was released this past week. The Season 21 dungeon is the first of two slated to arrive as part of the Lightfall expansion, with the second coming in Season 23.

Ghosts of the Deep takes Guardians to the depths of Titan’s methane sea “to confront the Lucent Hive and uncover what was lost to the waves.” As you explore this dungeon, you will uncover new loot and gear. And, of course, there are some secrets to uncover.

Hidden Chest locations in Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon

Hidden with the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon are two chests containing loot. Finding them can be a bit tricky, but following this guide below will surely hep you locate them easily.

Hidden Chest Location #1

The first hidden chest in Ghosts of the Deep is found at the bottom of Hallowfathom, between the first and second main encounters. Jump into the pool of water and descend to the very bottom of the ocean.

Follow the path leading towards the second encounter. As you jump off a coral cliff, look towards your left. You’ll see a cave with a water wall. Note that there are two possible water walls to pass through. One will take you to a secret area with the hidden chest.

Hidden Chest Location #2

The second hidden chest is located after you defeat Ecthar, the second boss encounter. It is found right before the final boss arena. After passing through some Lucent Hive halls, you’ll come across a long corridor with Hive Wizards. Right before you end this sequence, you’ll encounter a major Ogre named Keeper of the Deep. Behind the Ogre is a Lucent Hive gazebo. On top of it is the second hidden chest. Jump on top of one of the pillars and you’ll be able to reach it.

There are only two secret chests hidden with Ghosts of the Deep.