Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: How to get a Stalhorse (Skeleton Horse)

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Horses are one of the best methods of transportation in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. There are many unique horses that all look different with different stats. Arguably one of the coolest looking horses you can find in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are the Stalhorses. Stalhorses are also known as skeleton horses just by the way that they look. If you want to ride one of these spooky looking horses, you are going to need to follow a few steps first.

How to find Stalhorses (Skeleton Horses) in Tears of the Kingdom

Stalhorses can be found in only a couple of different places. The first place they can be found is in the Sandin Park Ruins. The Sandin Park Ruins is located just West of Mount Daphnes and North of Safula Hill. If you do not have this area unlocked you can travel to the coordinates X: -1645, Y: -0684, and Z: 0136. If you were unaware, Stalhorses only come out at night just like Skelton creatures do. Traveling here during the day will get you no luck when it comes to these Stalhorses. Instead of waiting for night to come, you can create a campfire to progress the time of day. This way you aren’t wasting countless minutes for the sun to go down.

Once you enter this area at nighttime, Stalhorses will begin to spawn. You may have the best luck of finding them in the western part of the Sandin Park Ruins, but they may spawn anywhere in this area. Once you have found one, approach one of them and hop on like you normally would a horse. Don’t worry about not having a ton of stamina. You won’t need much to mount the Stalhorses.

The only other place you can find Stalhorses are in the Depths. These are the only types of horses that spawn down here, so they are a great horse to use to travel with when you are down in the Depths. If you are looking for a more precise location of where you can find them in the Depths, you can enter the Depths through the Hyrule Field Chasm at the coordinates X: -0240, Y: -0328, Z: 0027 and you should be able to find them strolling around the Nisoij Lightroot down below.

While these are arguably some of the coolest and spookiest looking horses in all of Tears of the Kingdom, they do not have a lot of upsides to them. In fact, you can’t even register them at the Stables to add to your collection. There is no option to register them so the only purpose there would be with riding one is if you want to travel around during the night on one of these. Other than that, there is no greater reason to want to have one.

The other downside is that as soon as daylight hits these horses, they deconstruct and disintegrate. This means that there is no way to ride around on these horses during the day either. Meaning that the Stalhorse that you ride around on at night will be a one ride wonder as they will be destroyed upon the sun rising.

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While you might not be able to register these horses at the Stables, I still think that everyone should at least try and ride on these at least once during your Tears of the Kingdom journey. They will be no means be your main horse that you use for travel, but they are definitely worth riding at least once.