The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All 4 Great Fairy Locations

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How to find the Great Fairy Mija in Tears of the Kingdom

The third Great Fairy you are going to seek out to find is Mija. Mija is located very North of the Outskirts Stable, all the way up to the Snowfield Stable in the Tabantha Tundra. You are going to need cold resistance food, cold resistance Elixer, or some sort of cold resistance gear for this next step.

Guess who is waiting for you at the Snowfield Stable? The Musicians! You are going to need to talk with them again, with this time telling you that they need a musician that plays a Horn instrument for the Great Fairy Mija.

The Horn instrument player is located in the middle of the Nero Hill location and the Piper Ridge Location in a giant hole. To make things a bit clearer, the image below shows the area you need to travel to.

When you arrive, make your way into this giant hole and talk to Eustus. He will come with you to play with the band, but you first need to rescue him out of the hole. When Eustus is out of the hole he will reward you with 3x Courser Bee Honey.

Now that Eustus is free head back to the musicians at the Snowfield Stable and talk with them. Put a roof on top of the wagon and you can begin bringing them up to meet the Great Fairy Mija. When you arrive the band will begin to play their famous tunes and the Great Fairy Mija will emerge out of the bud. You are now one step closer to being able to upgrade your armor pieces to full capacity.