The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All Elixir Recipes

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A majority of the time you are playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom you are exploring different areas, collecting powerful items, and slaying some nasty enemies. However, in order to make some of these mentioned a bit easier, you can craft Elixirs.

If you have gotten a Cooking Pot on your Tears of the Kingdom adventure, you are probably used to crafting some delicious foods for Link to enjoy that allow him to heal a few hearts. However, the Cooking Pot isn’t just used to cook foods, but also Elixirs.

The best way to describe what Elixirs are is to think of them as if they are potions. You use the Cooking Pot to brew Elixirs and in turn, the Elixirs are used to give Link some sort of benefit for a certain period of time. However, instead of cooking delicious foods, you are brewing insects/critters and monster parts.

Different Elixirs are better for certain aspects of Tears of the Kingdom. That is why it is best to know all the different Elixir Recipes in order to get an Elixir prepared for any given situation.

Every Elixir Recipe in Tears of the Kingdom

  • Bright Elixir
    • Ingredients: Deep Fireflies (1-4) + Any Monster Part (1)
    • Effect: Temporary glowing effect that is added to Link.
  • Chilly Elixir
    • Ingredients: Winterwing Butterflies or Cold Darners (1-4) + Any Monster Part (1)
    • Effect: Heat Resistance.
  • Electro Elixir
    • Ingredients: Thunderwing Butterflies or Electric Darners (1-4) + Any Monster Part (1)
    • Effect: Electric Resistance.
  • Enduring Elixir
    • Ingredients: Tireless Frogs (1-4) + Any Monster Part (1)
    • Effect: Temporary increase to Link’s max Stamina.
  • Energizing Elixir
    • Ingredients: Energetic Rhino Beetle or Restless Crickets (1-4) + Any Monster Part (1)
    • Effect: Stamina Regeneration.
  • *Fairy Tonic*
    • Ingredients: Fairy (1)
    • Effect: Restores Hearts.
  • Fireproof Elixir
    • Ingredients: Fireproof Lizard or Smotherwing Butterflies (1-4) + Any Monster Part (1)
    • Effect: Fireproof/Heat Resistant.
  • Hasty Elixir
    • Ingredients: Hightail Lizards or Hot-Footed Frogs (1-4) + Any Monster Part (1)
    • Effect: Increases Link’s Speed.
  • Hearty Elixir
    • Ingredients: Hearty Lizards (1-4) + Any Monster Part (1)
    • Effect: Temporarily increases Link’s max hearts.
  • Mighty Elixir
    • Ingredients: Bladed Rhino Beetles (1-4) + Any Monster Part (1)
    • Effect: Temporarily increases Link’s Attack.
  • Sneaky Elixir
    • Ingredients: Sunset Fireflies (1-4) + Any Monster Part (1)
    • Effect: Temporarily increases Link’s Stealth.
  • Spicy Elixir
    • Ingredients: Summerwing Butterflies or Warm Darners (1-4) + Any Monster Part (1)
    • Effect: Cold Resistance.
  • Sticky Elixir
    • Ingredients: Sticky Frogs or Sticky Lizards (1-4) + Any Monster Part (1)
    • Effect: Allows Link to climb wet surfaces without falling off for a set amount of time.
  • Tough Elixir
    • Ingredients: Rugged Rhino Beetles (1-4) + Any Monster Part (1)
    • Effect: Temporarily increases Link’s Defense.

How to craft Elixirs in Tears of the Kingdom

Now that you know all the recipes in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, it is time to put some of the recipes to use. In order to start brewing Elixirs, head on over to your Cooking Pot. Once at your Cooking Pot, add the required ingredients and cook them just like you would with food.

You may notice the number in parentheses next to each item in the recipe. That number represents how much of that ingredient you will need in order to complete each Elixir recipe. No matter which Elixir you are trying to make, you will always need just 1 Monster Part per Elixir. No more and no less. For the other insects/critters that you need to add to the Cooking Pot you will need anywhere from 1-4. The more insects/critters that you add to the Elixirs, the longer each effect will last. Adding up to 4 insects/critters will really allow you to get the max amount of effect out of each Elixer.

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As you can tell from the list above, each Elixir will come in handy at different areas of the game. If you need to be resistant to fire, there is an Elixir for that (Fireproof Elixir). If you need to be just a little bit stronger, there is an Elixir for that (Mighty Elixir). There really is an Elixir for almost every scenario and they will prove to come in handy many times on your Tears of the Kingdom adventure. If you are ever having trouble completing a part of the game, stop and see if there is an Elixir that would help your cause. They can only benefit you.