The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All 4 Great Fairy Locations

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There are plenty of great Armor Sets that can be found throughout The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. However, things don’t get easier as you progress through the game. Instead, enemies become tougher and so do their attacks. In order to prevent this and make your armor even more powerful than you may think it is already, you are going to want to upgrade your armor to get even more benefits and to make it stronger against enemy attacks.

There are a total of four Great Fairies that you will need to find throughout Tears of the Kingdom. Each of these Great Fairies can be found in different locations. Your job is to complete each Fairies Quest so that you can open each Great Fairy Bulb and begin to upgrade Link’s Armor to max capacity.

In order to find all four Great Fairies, you are going to need to start the Fairy Questline. To do this, you have to make sure that you are far enough into the Tears of the Kingdom story where you are able to free roam the entire map. When this is possible, you are going to make your way to the Lookout Landing Tower. There will be a bird named Penn that is standing outside the Tower. Go ahead and interact with Penn and he will hold a conversation with you. Penn will then tell you to meet him at another location.

The next location that you will be traveling to is Northwest of Lookout Landing at the Lucky Clover Gazette. The Lucky Clover Gazette is located short East of Rito Village. Penn will be located inside, and you will need to talk to him once again. Penn will introduce you to Traysi who is his partner in the Newspaper business that they are running. Traysi is going to need help to track down information on what happened to Zelda. This will begin a Quest that allows you to track down the four Great Fairies.

Before you begin this Quest, you must make sure that you have tamed a horse that has the ability to pull carts and you will need enough Pony Points so that you can purchase a Towing Harness.