Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: All 10 Stim Canister Locations

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Stim Canister #9 (Located in Jedha)

This one is a little tricky to get if you don’t know how to solve the Crypt of Uhrma. Make your way to the Crypt of Uhrma and solve the tricky puzzle. If you don’t know how to solve the puzzle, check out the guide on how to solve the puzzle here! Once you get behind the door, the ninth Stim Canister will be waiting for you.

Stim Canister #10 (Located on Shattered Moon)

The final Stim Canister can be found be traveling to the Automated Forge Meditation Point. From the Meditation Point travel through the giant yellow door that is next to you. Through the yellow door you will eventually run into a zipline that leads upwards. Take this zipline as far up as you can. At the top of the zipline there will be a split path. Take the path on the right until you reach an area where you can drop down and grapple onto the wall.

Continue to grapple all the way around the area until you reach a couple of walls that you can wall run on. Wall run on these walls and then jump off the second wall to grab onto the zipline that is in front of you. Take the zipline about halfway down and jump off to land on the platform below you. Do not take the zipline all the way down.

On the platform you just landed on, make your way inside the little area next to you and you will see the Stim Canister on the platform above you. Make your way to the top of the platform and claim the final Stim Canister.

Fellowship Perk

You may have found all 10 Stim Canisters to max out your capacity of Stims that BD-1 can hold. However, there is a way to get one extra Stim for BD-1 to hold. All you have to do is have the Fellowship Perk equipped. This Perk allows BD-1 to carry an additional Stim for Call. Meaning if you found all 10 Stim Canisters and have the Fellowship Perk equipped, you can hold a maximum of 13 Stims. 13 Stims is more than enough Stims for Cal to carry on his journey. The more Stims that you carry, the easier battles will become and the less you will die in combat.

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