Diablo IV: How to change character appearance in-game

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Diablo IV is set to be one of the hottest RPG games of 2023. With two Beta weekends already come and gone, eyes can now be set on the games full release scheduled for June 6, 2023. The great thing about Role Playing Games is that there are usually tons of customization options for players to really create their own, unique characters. Diablo IV is no different.

When you start up Diablo IV, everyone will be given a default character that they can use. However, you won’t have to stick up the default character if you do not wish too. There is a way to change your character appearance fairly early on in Diablo IV.

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How to change your character’s appearance

First thing you are going to want to do is open the map and search for the Wardrobe Icon. The Wardrobe Icon almost looks like a giant closet. If you don’t see any of those icons on the map, that can be because you haven’t reached that point in the story yet. You don’t have to progress relatively far. You will just have to complete the first few Quests that the Diablo IV offers you. Once you have unlocked the Wardrobe feature on the map, you can head over to one to get started.

Once you make your way to the Wardrobe Icon that you found on the map, you are ready to get creative with however you may like. Here you can access all the wardrobe that you have unlocked so far up to that point in the game. The menu that pops up will show you all of your Armor and all of your Items. You can hover over each item that you want to customize, and it will show you the available pigments that you can use to change the color of your items. Obviously, you can only customize the items and armor that you have unlocked, but the color feature allows you to look unique compared to other players that are playing.

On some of the items that you have, you may notice that they say, “unlocks new looks on salvage.” If you were wondering what this means or how it works, I have some answers for you. If you take those items to a Blacksmith, they can salvage the piece for you, and you will unlock new looks for that item. Meaning that those items will now have more customization options because you salvaged them. Not all items have those requirements, but for the ones that do, it may be worth it to get extra customization options.

Diablo IV has five-character classes to choose from and regardless of which class that you choose, they all will take some time before you unlock some cool items to customize. By no means do you have to try and max out Diablo IV before you can create a cool character, but the more you unlock, the cooler you can make your character look. So, will you stick with the default character and focus on other aspects or the game, or will you take the time to customize your character and so that you can slay enemies in style?

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