Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to get the Primal Knife

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You may have come across the “Revolution Wind-Up” Challenge in the Resident Evil 4 Remake. Upon completing this challenge, you are rewarded with the Primal Knife. The Primal Knife is a very unique knife given the upgrades that you can add to it. Acquiring the Primal Knife will require you to beat the game at least once, which is not a surprise. In fact, all of the secret weapons in the RE 4 Remake require you to have beaten the game at least once.

The Revolution Wind-Up Challenge requires you to find and destroy all sixteen Clockwork Castellans that are scattered throughout the game. To make things easy, there is only one Castellan located in each Chapter throughout the game. Meaning if you find one in the Chapter that you are playing, you don’t need to continue looking for another one. They shouldn’t be overly hard to find, but unlocking the Primal Knife will take you at least one playthrough to do so.

Chapter 1: The first Castellan can be found near the Lakeside Settlement. It will be inside the first house that you encounter entering this area. When you are inside the house, lookup to the roof to find the first Castellan.

Chapter 2: As you make your way down the path to Chief’s Manor, you should have the objective “Head for the Church.” You should see a broken-down wooden shack off to the left of the path. Enter the shack and the Castellan will be sitting in a corner to your right when you walk in.

Chapter 3: Head to the Merchants Shop and climb down the ladder that is inside. When you reach the bottom of the ladder, make a right hand turn and take the right path with the bright light. The path will eventually run into a dead end, but the Castellan will be at the dead end, on top of a crate.

Chapter 4: When you get off the boat and head towards the Lakeside Settlement, continue up the path to get the Forest Altar. Head up the ladder and head straight back to the fence. It may be hard to see, but the Castellan is located behind the fence, off to the left a little bit.