Dead Island 2: How to claim your pre-order bonus – Memories of Banoi pack

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Dead Island 2 has officially welcomed players into Hel-LA today. The long-awaited sequel released on Friday, April 21.

Anyone who pre-ordered the game, regardless of which version you purchased, automatically received the pre-order bonus. This is the Memories of Banoi pack, which includes the Banoi War Club and Banoi Baseball Bat, along with the Balanced weapon perk and Personal Space skill. This pre-order bonus was available in all versions of the game, including the base Standard Edition as well as the Deluxe Edition and Gold Edition.

But even though you receive this pre-order bonus for free, you actually have to work a little bit to claim it in the game. Upon booting up Dead Island 2, you are actually shown where to claim the Memories of Banoi pack. But in the event you rushed through these notifications, here’s how to claim your Dead Island 2 pre-order bonus.

Dead Island 2: How to claim the Memories of Banoi Pack pre-order bonus

To claim your Dead Island 2 pre-order bonus you actually do have to play the game a bit first. THe Personal Space skill will be available in your deck after the Skill Deck tutorial. However, to unlock the other three items from the pre-order bonus, you need to first reach Emma’s mansion. This is where you’ll meet trader Carlos.

Emma’s mansion is located in the top right of the Bel-Air map. The game’s natural mission progression — specifically the mission “Desperately Seeking Emma” — will take you here after about 30 minutes of playing. Once you complete these beginning missions, you’ll unlock access to Carlos, who is located in the kitchen of the residence.

Once you interact with him, you’ll be able to obtain the Banoi War Club and Banoi Baseball Bat for completely free. These are both decently strong weapons that’ll help you through the early portions of the game.

Dead Island 2 is now available for Xbox, PlayStation and PC.