Can you buy Dead Island 2 for PC on Steam?

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Dead Island 2 is set to launch on Friday, April 21. The game is available on a plethora of platforms, including PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. However, if you’re planning on purchasing the game on PC, you may have noticed something a tad bit disappointing — you can’t do so on Steam.

Is Dead Island 2 available on Steam?

Despite being one of the most popular PC digital storefronts, Dead Island 2 is not available to purchase through Steam. Instead, if you’re looking to buy it on PC, you only have two options: Epic Games Store or Amazon. Purchasing it through Amazon will still result in you getting a digital delivery to the Epic Games Launcher, however.

Dead Island 2 is being published Deep Silver who seems to have signed an exclusivity deal with Epic Games. It’s really no different than when a publisher for a game signs a console exclusivity deal with Xbox or PlayStation, like with what we’re seeing with Square Enix and Final Fantasy XVI being on PlayStation only.

Still, exclusivity deals are annoying to consumers because it not only limits your purchase options but also means you have to manage all these digital libraries. Rather than having all your games in a single collection, you now need to access them through different launchers. It’s just not consumer friendly at all.

In any case, your only way to purchase and play Dead Island 2 on PC is through the Epic Games Store and Epic Games Launcher.

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It’s possible that the game could eventually become available to purchase through Steam, but nothing official has been announced. Looking at previous deals, some PC games are exclusive to Epic for about six months to a year. For example, Borderlands 3 was only available on the Epic Games Store when it launched on September 19 but came to Steam in March 2020. I’m not saying this will be the case for Dead Island 2, but it is possible.