Monster Hunter Now all playable platforms listed

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Niantic have announced Monster Hunter Now, a brand new RPG game set in the Monster Hunter world. Here are all of the platforms the game will be playable on.

Pokémon GO developer Niantic has announced a brand new, mobile RPG called Monster Hunter Now. The game will offer a new on-the-go experience for fans of the Monster Hunter series, allowing players to take down massive beasts on the go either alone or by teaming up with friends.

Much of the overall gameplay experience will likely be familiar to those who have played Pokémon GO in the past, though a number of differences are set to make Monster Hunter Now stand out. Battles will be more reminiscent of Monster Hunter battles on console, though in a more simplified, mobile-friendly version. Battles will also last up to 75 seconds, with the ability to play in landscape or portrait modes.

Players will utilize taps and flicks to use weapons and skills in combat. There will also be the option to team up with friends or go it alone, though more intricate details of how the game’s multiplayer will work have yet to be revealed.

Monster Hunter Now is currently set for release later this year, in September 2023. A definitive date has yet to be revealed. Players can also sign up now for a closed beta test, with access limited to an estimated 10,000 participants.

Here are all of the platforms Monster Hunter Now will be available to play on.

Monster Hunter Now all playable platforms listed

At the time of writing, Monster Hunter Now will only be available to play on iOS and Android mobile devices.

When signing up to the closed beta, players are encouraged to list their preferred device, choosing from either:

  • Android (Android 7 (64bit) or above; Preferred 720x1280p)
  • iOS (iPhone 8 (iOS14) or above)
  • Others (Ineligible for beta testing, but will receive latest news and updates

It’s unclear if more platforms will be made available once the game has launched.