How to sign up to Monster Hunter Now closed beta

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Players can sign up to a closed beta test of Monster Hunter Now, a new mobile title from Niantic. Here’s how to access the closed beta.

Pokémon GO developers Niantic are set to drop a brand new real-world action RPG mobile game for iOS and Android devices. Monster Hunter Now will offer players a new on-the-go RPG experience set in the world of Monster Hunter, and will allow players to team up with friends to take down ferocious monsters, like Rathalos and Great Jagras, while taking a walk outside.

Those who have played Pokémon GO will have some concept of the type of gameplay to be expected from Niantic’s upcoming venture however, according to IGN, there will be some noticeable differences from Pokemon GO. Battles will be more reminiscent of Monster Hunter battles on console, though in a more simplified, mobile-friendly version. Battles will also last up to 75 seconds, with the ability to play in landscape or portrait modes.

Players will utilize taps and flicks to use weapons and skills in combat. There will also be the option to team up with friends or go it alone, though more intricate details of how the game’s multiplayer will work have yet to be revealed.

Rewards earned from battles will allow players to craft and upgrade their gear, much like main entry Monster Hunter games. A Palico companion will also return in Monster Hunter Now, which will accompany the player on their adventures and be able to use the new Paintball mechanic — a feature that allows players to tag monsters in the wild and finish up the battle later on, when they get home for example.

Monster Hunter Now isn’t set to release until September 2023, but players can take part in a limited closed beta ahead of its release.

Monster Hunter fans will be keen to sign up to be among the first to try out Monster Hunter Now. Here’s how to sign up the the closed beta.

How to sign up to Monster Hunter Now closed beta

Players can sign up to the Monster Hunter Now closed beta by heading to Niantic’s official website for the game.  Prospective players will need to fill out a form, listing their email address, region, device type and more.

Closed beta test invitations will then be sent throughout the testing period, starting from April 25th. According to Niantic, closed beta test access will be limited to an estimated 10,000 participants, though all registrants will directly receive the latest news and updates on the game.