Is Resident Evil: Death Island canon?


Resident Evil: Death Island a new, upcoming animated movie set in the Resident Evil universe features the return of classic Resident Evil characters in a brand new story. But will this story be considered canon?

The latest Resident Evil film adaptation has been revealed as Resident Evil: Death Island, following the 2017 Resident Evil: Vendetta. This time, the film follows protagonists Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield where their investigation of the zombie outbreak leads them to Alcatraz Island. Resident Evil characters Rebecca Chambers, Claire Redfield and Jill Valentine are also set to return.

The film was announced by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on Feb. 2, 2023, and is set for release later this year on July 7, 2023. Resident Evil: Death Island is directed by Eiichirō Hasumi and written by Makoto Fukami.

According to Capcom, the animated film takes place in 2015, after the events of Resident Evil 6 (set in 2013) and a year after Resident Evil: Vendetta (set in 2014). So what does this mean in terms of the series being considered canon?

Is Resident Evil: Death Island canon?

Capcom hasn’t explicitly confirmed whether or not Resident Evil: Death Island’s story is considered canon. That said, given that the events take place after those of Resident Evil 6, it certainly could be.

While Resident Evil 7 and Village exist, it’s suspected that the games take place in a slightly different timeline to those of the first six mainline games. With no main games continuing on from the story of Resident Evil 6, it’s likely safe to say that both Resident Evil: Vendetta and Resident Evil: Death Island can be considered canon in the wider RE universe.