NBA 2K23: Season 6 release date, rewards, much more

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The W Online new additions

As I stated before, the WNBA season will begin shortly. In fact, opening night of the 2023 WNBA season kicks off on May 19. With Sue Bird being one of the two featured athletes in Season 6, it only makes sense that The W Online will see some added content as well. There will be tons of jerseys, T-Shirts, boosts, outfits, and much more to collect this season in The W Online. There will be a mix of Weekly and Season Rewards that will highlight some great WNBA athletes in Arike Ogunbowale, Sue Bird, Chelsea Grey, and Sandy Brondello.

New 2K Beats are being added

  • Premo Rice – Right Wriss, Pt. 2
  • Trippie Redd & Lil B – SWAG LIKE OHIO, PT. 2
  • King Louie – Go Get It
  • ChapD & John G – Iconic (Carhartt)
  • Angel Mccoughtry – Legend
  • Jovanie – Stepback

If you are a fan of the NBA 2K23 playlist, the playlist is about to get a little larger with the addition of these 6 new 2K Beats. Even if you don’t recognize some of these songs, you never know which ones you find to be catchy.

That just about wraps everything that you can expect with Season 6 of NBA 2K23. There is tons of new content to dive into and tons of rewards to try and earn. Enjoy the last handful of hours of NBA 2K23 Season 5 because a new Season is coming, and there is a lot to unpack.