The W: How NBA 2K23 is improving the WNBA experience

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The W is returning in NBA 2K23 and once again the game mode, which allows you to experience the authentic WNBA experience will be exclusive to next-gen consoles. Picking up where they left off last year, NBA 2K23 will continue to expand on The W.

The big focus this year is on the community. This year will introduce The W Online community progression. Each season will feature six weekly goals that the community can work together to complete. If four of the six season goals are completed,t he entire community will receive a rewarded.

Speaking of rewards, The W is getting tons of new ones including WNBA Jerseys, Logo and Coach MyTEAM cards. This year, the jerseys and gear you earn can be worn in both The W and in The City on new-gen consoles.

In addition to community goals, there will be individual weekly goals for you to complete. Those who invest a good amount of time and effort working towards the community goals will earn the Game Changer status and gain the ability to grant others in The W Online with Player Boosts. Game Changers can also unlock new and exclusive rewards in The W Online, including Team Takeover Boosts.

NBA 2K23 will also try and get you closer to the league’s stars with the new Contact Challenges. Contacts that you meet as you progress through the mode — WNBA All-Stars, legends and coaches — will issue you challenges. Some of these challenges will pertain to specific games on the schedule while others will consist of season-long stat goals. Completing these challenges, which get progressively harder, will reward you with Players Boosts and Historic Contacts.

NBA 2K23 will also add an All-Star game for The W as well as the Commissioner’s Cup, a mid-season tournament that was actually implemented in the WNBA last season.

Lastly, and perhaps most excitingly, The W will give you the opportunity to build the future of the league. When you reach level 10 in League Popularity, you will unlock 2 Expansion Team slots. You’ll be able to pick the city, build the arena, create the logo and design the uniforms of these two new teams.

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Overall, it’s great to see 2K continue to grow the WNBA portion of NBA 2K23. Giving the WNBA its own fully-fleshed-out mode will help shine additional light on the league, helping it grow worldwide.

Once again, The W will be a mode exclusive to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.